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June 28 to July 5, 2015

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International Square Almedalen 2015


Right now...

International Square in 2015, here we go...

For time being the organization from last year's square is in the lead and the invitation to both old and new, organizations and participants is on it's way out for this year's kick-off meeting. We expect that all pieces will be in place so that the invitation can be out and reservations of stage times will be able to begin before March 1. Welcome!

A little recap...

The year 2014 has passed and we can conclude that last year's edition of the International Square, despite the short preparation time was a very successful platform. We resurrected in a new form with our scene outside the old Visby Prison and Restaurant Sjumastaren. The exhibitors were fewer but the scenic programs were filled with several exciting new features along with music and cultural elements between program points. As most dwelt about 1500 people in front of the stage. This was when "The Diversity March" chose to end there walk through the town on the square stage. What more needs to be mentioned is Retorikkonsult Sveriges daily plank. "Hot Seat - What can we say rhetorically about yesterday's speech in Almedalen?" was a plank which grew stronger every day. We hope that this will be a recurring feature in 2015. The International Square Almedalen 2014 was visited by a total of nearly 4000 people during the week.

Sincerely until we meet...
Janne Nilsson
Project coordinator for the International Square Almedalen

+46 498 28 83 02
(SMS: +46 70 730 11 00)

The responsible organization for the International Square Almedalen is the Culture association Gotland On Tour. More info: gotour.se

International Square Almedalen 2014

Translation of recent posts from 2013 and 2014 are being processed and will soon be presented. Welcome back.

International Square Almedalen 2012


A new feature this year is that we work with “Träffpunkt Gråbo”
“Träffpunkt Gråbo” is one for Sweden unique cross-border cooperation project between NGOs, agencies and the local community.

“Träffpunkt Gråbo” is located on Gråbo Square in the residential area Gråbo in the south of Visby, about 4 km from Almedalen and the International Square. Gråbo is one of Sweden's so-called “million program areas” and it has about 5000 inhabitants. Facilities that previously housed the post office and the dentist is now Second-Hand store, cafeteria and rooms for organizational activities and more.

Thanks to our partnership with “Träffpunkt Gråbo” we can offer seminar and meeting facilities, opportunities for socializing in the cafeteria and a presentation of the project “Träffpunkt Gråbo” during Almedalen Week this year.

Check availability and book rooms
Go to “Träffpunkt Gråbo” Webpage

Conferencier, moderator, commentator and entertainer...
Even this year we have the pleasure to work with Berang Miri, which among others will participate as a conferencier at the International Square. We can also offer both participants in the square and others the opportunity to get help from Behrang. He may for example act as moderator at your debates, seminars and talks, give hes own lectures, promoting or enhancing the mood of your event. Contact us if you wish Behrangs participation.

More info about Behrang Miri


Now the International Square 2012 is taking shape. A prelminary program can be found under “Program” and under “Utställare” the organizations which are involved in the silo this year will be presented.

We still offer free scene times, venue for exhibitors and partners in the square. If you want to know more, pleace contact us “Kontakt”.

Planning for the “Youth Square” is in progress. Do you belong to a youth organization and want to be involved in the planning, check out “Ungdomskvällar” above.

Welcome to the International Square 2012

Press Release 1/23/2012

12 000 visitors can not be wrong - The International Square lives on!

The Steering Committee for International Square Almedalen had a meeting today where they agreed to continue the International Square in 2012 as well. It has not been an easy decision to make, but we want to continue to promote awareness for international concerns and highlight those organizations that work for this common goal.

The International Square has in recent years struggled a lot financially to get Almedalen Week make ends meet. The combination of an outstanding volunteer work of many people and a willingness to keep international issues in a local perspective has kept the square alive. During Almedalen Week 2011 no less than 12,000 people visited the silo and the area outside where seminars were held Monday to Friday, were there were people to talk to, with "Kupan" café open for refreshments and much more. But it costs to stay on top! The cost of the commitment and the money to the project management, rentals, sound and light... Money is not always found in non-profit organizations, and project funding is not always possible to get.

However, we see the International Square that such an important meeting place for questions about how we all can connect and contribute to make the world a bit little better through everyday actions that we choose to fight on. It is about democracy and solidarity! It covers subjects such as racism, discrimination, solidarity, democracy, environment and waste of resources and more. For example, last year there were Ship To Gaza that took place every afternoon and hundreds attended the talks and discussions held on the issue.
The International Square Almedalen has hosted these discussions for six years- and that is something we want to continue!

So now we have to roll up our sleeves, make new efforts and challenge Almedalen Week once again with a International Square. More information about this year's structure, who will be there, what to do if you wish to participate in any way, etc., will be published later on. For more info in the meantime, please contact Göran Wahlqvist, Red Cross, at tel. +46 70 645 83 07 or me.

For the International Square Almedalen

/Åsa Höjer
Visby Cathedral Parish
Tel. +46 70 600 92 26

Bengt Westerberg on the small stage in the silo during the International Square 2011

To learn more or to register your interest to contribute,
please send us an email ...

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This is happening at the International Square
day by day...

The International Square Almedalen is a united action between nonprofit organizations that strives to put a international perspective to Swedish politics. It is a united action to further the international perspective of solidarity, justice and how to go forward with the common effort of decreasing poverty.

Exhibitions, seminars and talks - Democracy, Solidarity and Sustainability!
The International Square is the place for questions about how we all can connect and contribute in making the world a better place by everyday activities. It covers subjects such as racism, discrimination, solidarity, democracy, environment and waste of resources and more. Come, listen, participate, be a part.

More info soon...


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Contact: Project coordinator Janne Nilsson

+46 498 28 83 02
(SMS: +46 70 730 11 00)

The responsible organization for the International Square Almedalen is the Culture association Gotland On Tour. More info: gotour.se